The UK eCommerce Industry is worth £100 Billion – BGN will help you get your share!

Be Better

Let’s counteract all the Bad black press that we receive by building a community platform that showcases the talents and gifts that exist in abundance among us

Be Creative

Showcase your creative talents on the Black Gifted Network by uploading your designs . We will publish the favoured ones  in our BlackGifted Gallery and create stunning personalised gifts from the ones you vote for!

Be Informed

Check out our Events, Forums and community blogs to stay informed.

Be Funded

Funding Applications should in the first instance be raised with our help desk on

Be Billionaire's

The Black eCommerce industry is worth over 1 Billions pounds let’s claim our share now.

Be Entrepreneurs

Everyone has at least one good idea in them or is blessed in a unique way. The BlackGifted Network will help you turn that idea into a b-eCommerce business so that you can join the growing list of businesses and black entrepreneurs on the BlackGifted network.

Be Inspired

Check out our ‘Hall of Fame’ or Black Inspirational pages for amazing black success stories, tips and inspirational journeys

Be Uplifted

Once and for all let’s finally unite and uplift ourselves by building a better community where black people can: unite, drink rum, play dominoes and prosper together.

One love.


Digital transactions conducted on the internet and other digital platforms is worth over 1 Billions pounds let’s claim our share now.

Be Gifted

Check out the BlackGifted website for all your personal gifts needs

Be United

Indians, Irish, Asians and even eastern Europeans  thrive in the UK simply because they unite and harness the skills and resources they possess.  Our vision is to see black people unite via the Black Gifted Network and prosper as one.

Be Talented

FACT: “Black people are considered the most naturally talented people on the planet.
With this in mind, the Black Gifted Network  will showcase the most talented amongst us so we can celebrate our talents together.  So whether you are young or established why not submit your talent details and we’ll showcase it for all to see and celebrate.