FAQ Funding

How do I get Funded?

Great to hear you’ve launching a project

Firstly  create your be funded script. This is a brief description of  your project and what you require the funds for.  We recommend you have between 2 and 4 reward levels for the members who make a donation. e.g.

  • level 1 – £10 Free marketing gift
  • level 2 – £20 Discount  voucher

Optionally provide some FAQ information

How Do I submit a fund-me application?

Funding Applications should in the first instance be raised with our help desk on support@blackgifted.com

Do I need to Pay to launch a Be funded campaign?

By default charities will not be charged all other campaigns will incur a small administration charge.

How long should my campaign be?

Campaigns should are usually between 4-8 weeks. Currently 8 weeks is the maximum duration.

Do I get any funds if I don't reach my campaign target?

Yes all donations made will be sent to you once the campaign has completed.

Note that a 8% charge will be deducted to cover card processing payments and VAT.

Is there any other ways to get funded?

In  a small number of cases a campaigns may be selected for direct funding  by the Black Gifted Network. You will be notified directly should funds be available to supplement your campaign donations.

Note that some campaigns may qualify for government, community or lottery grants which the network may also be able to assist with further details.