Mona Titans Rugby club amin uk

Mona Titans Rugby club amin uk

Business NameMona Titans Rugby club amin uk

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we area team based in the uk supporting a Ruby team in Jamaica called the Mona Titans rugby club As they live in Jamaica I is hard on funding my husband is apart of the team m self and my friends and a team in the uk called the Mona titans admin we support them via fundraisers and events all we raise we send to the team help towards kits trips etc


The Mona Titans is a rugby team made up of 45 male and 25 female players. The majority of the players are survivors from the harsh communities of Kingston including: Tivoli Gardens and Water House where, many of their childhood friends and colleagues, have not been as lucky. Team member, Tyronie Rowe says of the team members “Rugby saved us all”.
Team coach and player Conroy Omally brought the team together some four years ago in an effort to provide a safe haven for many who had grown up with only violence around them. They currently form the largest rugby club in Jamaica and the Caribbean. As the team is growing from strength to strength they are winning regional as well as international competitions. And as their status becomes more established, they are being invited more and more to compete outside of Jamaica.
One such invitation came from the Cayman Island where they will be playing a 7s Tournament, which will require a team of 12 (7 players and 5 on standby). Additionally, the team has been invited to compete in Barbados in December 2018.
The teams have a winning streak supported by hard work and gruesome training. The 25 strong women’s team, work as hard, if not harder than the men. Of the 25 strong women’s team, 14 are mothers who often bring their children to training, thus eliminating the need for childcare. The trophy tally of both men and women’s teams for the last five games to date include:

1st MONA TITANS Annual 7 tournament (Jamaica)
1st St Catherine 7 tournament (Jamaica)
1st The Mobay Panthers Sunsplash 7s (Jamaica)
3rd place Caymans island 7 tournament
1st Jcup Thompson 7s (Jamaica)
1st All island 7s championship (Jamaica)
2nd place Cayman 1sland Championship

To date the teams have depended on self-funding to acquire gears as well as travel and accommodation.   this sport helps them so much  positively impacted the lives of so many, in terms of the players, not only enhances the spirit of their various communities, but also shines a light on the indomitable spirit of Jamaica and there  people.
The team will be going to play a match in  Barbados in December 2018 . for this hey need support  in all areas