Business NameJustBe

Location South East London

Phone Number

Website Url http://just-be.co.uk/




Short Description

We are a women’s development organisation providing essential social, emotional and wellbeing support services to those most isolated in our community.


JusteBe (www.just-be.co.uk) is establishing “Moments for Seniors” a project specifically for those over 65 in the community – male and female, enabling our senior citizens to achieve social inclusion living in London.  Providing a full activity of social activities we’ll also celebrate their culture, heritage and legacy whilst helping to reduce isolation and loneliness among our elders.

We’ve been nominated for s Skipton Building Society Grassrooots Grants and need your vote to help secure the funding.  Visit this link https://www.skiptongrg.co.uk/apply-for-funding/2018-shortlisted-groups/london/justbe/and cast your vote for JusteBe!