Jahmella Encourages

Jahmella Encourages

Business NameJahmella Encourages

Location London/Kent

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Short Description

Jahmella Encourages is a consultancy that encourages the betterment of work systems particularly within financial services, as well as encouraging growth and progression of the next generation through motivational literature, talks and mentoring.



From an overcrowded council-owned flat in South East London to a self-employed homeowner in Kent with room to spare, And The Walls Came Tumbling Down follows the journey taken by author Jahmella Robinson as she tears down the seemingly impenetrable walls of her life to expose the twists and turns endured to make the transition. In a comical manner, readers will gain insight into her entertaining upbringing, unexpected health battles, unusual faith journey and her once-in-a-lifetime mission trip experience. The tumbling of walls can only happen when one stops seeking the approval of others and lives in an authentic way—that’s when the ‘Encourager’ was birthed. Are you in need of encouragement? Are you tired of putting on a brave face in the face of others? Have you jumped over hurdles, learnt significant lessons, but you feel shy to share? In this book, readers are provided with a refreshing perspective on owning but not accepting our imperfections, being honest with self and others, and relying on a personal relationship with God for transformation.