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Christine Ru Pert-em-Hru

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HEROINES OF THE HAITIAN REVOLUTION: Tales of Victory and Valour by: Christine Ru Pert-em-Hru The women of the 1804 Haitian Revolution– A story that’s never been told, until now !! In her newly published work (after many years of research into the history of Ayiti/Haiti, its people and the revolution of 1804), Christine Ru Pert-em-Hru presents a compelling story outlining the magnificent contributions which the African women of Haiti made in order to make it the first African country outside the continent to take back its freedom from the western European superpowers of that time. “HEROINES OF THE HAITIAN REVOLUTION” is an ideal book for both adults and children, it can be used from Keystage 2. It is filled with amazing biographies of the Haitian revolutionary women, with great artist impressions, quick facts, questions, timeline and glossary.


‘Heroines of the Haitian Revolution: Tales of Victory and Valour’ recounts the stories of African women who played significant roles during the Haitian Revolution 1791-1804. The book sets the scene by providing a brief overview of the early history of the island of Haiti and the political, social and economic climate in which the Haitian Revolution began. It highlights the active involvement of nine courageous women and although very little is known about their backgrounds, their stories and contribution takes the form of a narrative set in the context of historical events taking place at the time. It also summarises the role of African women generally but most importantly sheds light on the important contribution they made towards Haiti becoming the first black independent republic in the New World in 1804.