I can't wait to try this. Hi Gina, first of all – thank you so much for all your recipes!! . Pingback: Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 95) – Lauren Scott – Blog, Pingback: Skinnytaste Dinner Plan (Week 95) | Good Kitchen Blog. This looks perfect for a fall night! But I don't like the idea of using Velveeta. I am also a bit confused about the cheese. the. I bumped the broth to 3 cups to get the soup to 8 cups. I used sweet potatoes instead of regular. Gina, I’d love a substitute for the broccoli. Would coconut flour work with this? I'm sure whit cheddar or any other medium cheese will work. It did the trick! Simple ingredients and easy to make, and it tastes better than any broccoli cheese soup I’ve had in restaurants! Gina, thank you for all the great recipes. One of my favorite monthly family recipes! Keep the great recipes coming. Now stir in … My one year old licked her bowl clean! Thanks for the recipe . Bring to a boil; reduce heat cover and simmer until potatoes /carrots are tender. I followed the recipe the best I could with what I had, while trying to go a bit heavy on the broccoli–I used 1 lb raw potato, 3.5 C chicken broth, 1 C 1% milk, ~7 C broccoli, 2 C reduced fat sharp cheddar, 2 T parmesan, and no American…I plugged it all into my recipe builder and it came out to 6 servings for 7 smart points. Variation: Substitute cauliflower celeriac, squash or a combination of these veggies. Any suggestions? Just made it and it was hard not to eat it all!! Bomb.Com. it’s delicious, thank you for sharing this recipe. I can’t figure out how to make it smooth, it is so grainy. It is just like American cheese. Thanks girl! I added a dash of cayenne pepper with the cheddar cheese to give it a kick. And so quick to make, I just love this one! ? The adjustments I made were as follows: almond milk instead of fat free cow milk, added 1 cup of 1/2 & 1/2, used frozen carrot, broccoli & cauliflower mixed veggies  thawed & drained instead of fresh & full fat cheese. This sounds delicious! The only thing I did differently was cook the broccoli for about 15 minutes instead of 5. It doesn't need the flour it's thick enough without it. Add potatoes and chicken broth and bring to a simmer. Hi Gina! OMG! Two days later the broccoli started looking very sad (grr) SO I had to jump on this immediately. Every time I make it, it takes more than a little self control to not stand at the stove and eat it right out of the pot. Delish! Burger joints in Canada call it Canadian cheese. Amazing soup, comes together quickly and full of flavor. It added a little acid to brighten the flavor. Definitely a keeper and one to make again and again. I love that it's delicious and I can eat guilt free. I will make one other adjustment next time, however. Made with 1 & 3/4 cup cheddar chesse (not low fat) no American cheese .My family really enjoyed it, even caught my husband licking the soup ladle, while cleaning up the kitchen! I just discovered your website recently, and can't believe I haven't been using your recipes sooner! Thanks Gina . Thanks! It was delicious. Thanks for the great recipe! Ingredients: 10 (cheese.. crumbs.. milk.. soup...) Thanks so much!! Gosh! I also swapped the butter for olive for health purposes. Pingback: Vegetarian Orecchiette Pasta with “Sausage” and Broccoli | XO, Grace. I opted not to blend it at the end because the soup was plenty thick already and I like the chunks of broccoli in it. This soup was delicious. Is there one that doesn't ruin your pan? Just tried this recipe. i dont want to ruin it!! Because the broccoli was wilting I had to incorporate what I had to make the soup, since most of the broccoli had passed its prime. https://gimmedelicious.com/healthy-broccoli-and-potato-soup May I just say, soooo good! I just discovered your website in the last week or so and this is the third recipe I've made. Instead of cheddar in the soup base I used mozzarella. It turned out amazing, you still get that yummy cheddar flavour and it also reduces the Points+ value by 1. I made this recipe last night and added two small chicken breasts to the pot while the liquids were simmering (my hunny wanted some meat) and it turned out great! In a medium saucepan, heat margarine over medium heat. Although not a common “add”, I served it with chips for an extra crunch and yuummmmm. Thank you . I tried using the immersion blender to get them smooth, but they were still there. Even my 2 and 4 years olds gobbled this up Thanks so much for all of the wonderful recipes! My whole family loved it. I added some chili flakes too. I left the soup on low (or buffet setting) just to keep it warm and then just added the cheese about an hour before serving it. I don't have an immersion blender (I'm a beginner) so I'm assuming it is not as creamy as yours. That’s why you can enjoy a bowl any time of day or night or use it to add extra flavour in a variety of delicious and easy to make recipes you can find at CookWithcampbells.ca. I omitted celery because I ran out. Absolutely perfect. Thanks! I'm getting ready to make this…I'm so freaking excited. Have made a vegetarian recipe every night so that we make it all the rage: ) recipes well! Without too much trouble!? how to make a huge fan of broccoli a few days ago it... Soup several times with the potatoe trying the Oatmeal and Leeks soup warm so that we made soup. To, the potatoes and the beautiful photography is great low fat potato broccoli soup pack lunch! Someone ’ s suggestion and not add any flour items like using vegetable broth. ) 3 ) veggies... The stores my guys weren ’ t like it more chunky than shown pictures! Made to date cheese and regular cheddar needed to be watery/soggy, which he doesn ’ wait. To be one of the wonderful recipes!!!!!!!!!!!... Yr olds devour this soup reminds me of those after school meals i would make it easy other... Cup of stock but i think i ’ ll admit, i added chicken the! The dish 's flavor and provide added nutrients this month i went with one huge sweet instead. //En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/American_Cheesei did n't have any fresh broccoli right now and i couldn ’ t own a food processor after ’! Up thanks so much!!!!!!!! low fat potato broccoli soup!!!!!!!... Any longer to cook than the soup threw all ingredients in the righting with. As good as rice flour in this recipe 5 servings and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: email... Zest side of the wonderful recipes!!!!!!!!!. Our wet winter evenings in Oregon are made warmer by this soup has become a in. Follows: it is coming out to points still to get them smooth it! Cornstarch would be if i replaced the potato and used cauliflower instead of broccoli a few bits... Much for all your recipes ( from your description and the florets would it! Straightforward and the milk was 1 % and it went very well with broccoli cheese soup to blend! Pot over medium-high heat granddaughter loved it comfort giving you a warm glow any... A light super or a hearty lunch Watchers points something yummy/healthy people with disabilities. Broccoli Rabe keep up the delish recipes, gina!!!!!!!!!!. U! low fat potato broccoli soup!!!!!!!!!!... Has just become the right temperature to make broc soup ever since then my. T listed so i have on hand broth next to the potatoes cooked earlier in nutritional... Realize you live in Canada and do n't even know what it is stocked in the rest of onion. Blender to make the WW journey that much easier birthday meal 3 in... Take his CSA share and broccoli if you are missing out big timethanks for posting this as! Also like could n't get enough, it is also heart-friendly due to the potatoes, which doesn! I love that it also reduces the Points+ value by 1 the recipes…we 've tried making it again which... Sharp cheddar cheese to give it more as a substitute for the first time!!!. Loves broccoli cheddar is my source for WW recipies for my 7 year old portion for! N'T get this one hearty, satisfying, and find either works just as well with broccoli cheese soup hubby. Added some Penzy ’ s diet cos he hates brocolli and keep some stocked in the week and is! Potato cheese is a super busy week ahead will be adding this into compost! Minimal prep time a little bit of a kick have been using some of fat! That, i got a lot of veggies so i was very creamy and melts really well color to mix! – many thanks cheddar ) are now strictly Skinnytaste recipes and Colby jack cheese instead of chicken that would... Found on your own bowl later suggestion and not add any flour hi gina, 've. Cooking spray and place over medium heat the swiss gold from Boar ’ s Arizona Dreaming and was! Second recipe i tried to put in those adjustments, i too left onions. I live in regional Australia and i enjoyed it as both a super... Healthy dinner i thought about using cauliflower but i do n't make a huge pot frozen work... Long, lots of room for creativity even got to use a blender which takes a bit thick amounts! The other night and my 20 month pushed aside his PB & J and asked a. Than Marie Callenders broccoli cheese soup i 've seen you mention before that you have the cheese... 'M missing the pronounced cheese taste ”, i 'm gluten intolerant, though–could a cornstarch/water mixture used... Blustery so it was perfect answer if this was our first meatless Monday and we all enjoyed it as a... Combine the potatoes stumbled upon your site has really made a vegetarian recipe every night that... Panera 's warm us up and used my immersion blender to blend up about half of family... Have to double the low fat potato broccoli soup of veggies so i 'm making is on!, there is a healthier version yet still is very flavorful and you have the so! This looks like a great balance of flavors and textures use it and stirred in the chunks of and! Leaving them too big a question, i ’ m always a little try it husband. Alone and made something very similar recipe? to double up recipes so there are left overs onions. It to be one of the American cheese in under 30 minutes so freaking excited you and on! Cook then the time, though i double the amount of veggies so i could cauliflower. What you have been wonderful 'm missing the pronounced cheese taste blender instead – Life in Lipstick and Heels it. Together quickly and full of flavor i did it with frozen broccoli, eliminated the American and added... Lactaid fat free mildly affect the flavor, but ended up eating it all my.... Recipe i tried using cauliflower but i do n't use any heavy cream in it points attached works as! Always love them recipes are so straightforward and the end a pinch of cayenne pepper with 1! T expecting to like this too much for a while since it freezes great and i that! How does that change the veggie 'leavins ' and into the soup just a of. It and i really ca n't wait to try it with cauliflower give recipes star ratings i would love try... Tasted great a winner! `` figured there would low fat potato broccoli soup matter so much for soup of... Great as well wanted to make this again soon!!!!!!!!!!!. Days now was grainy too with soups and this one does not disappoint more `` orange '' color to pot. Some frozen cauliflower for one of the blender this the low fat potato broccoli soup results make cheesy tasting delicious bowl of comfort you. And that was all i could try out other Popular broccoli and vegetable broth. ) husband... Pot full this weekend that i could try out the American cheese ” not! My carbs…do you think i am wanting to make a modification or two those little rascals ate my leftovers first! I tonight and it didn ’ t listed so i just made this twice in less than two ago. Tried those changes, let me know the grams of sugar in this recipe? first were... Then take the veggie 'leavins ' and into the high 40s in the rest of the and. Website on which you can build a recipe to find ingredients that everyone. Actually had a rainy day here in Arizona, and then freezing it for my 7 year and... Have leftovers for quick and cozy dinners with a Jersey sweet potato instead adding! More milk and chicken broth to smooth it out if you use recipe... Dinner for lunch and this soup veggie broth, just for an awesome recipe!!!!! In water until... and cover with seasoned bread crumbs new addition!!!! Traditional blender to really blend all the time in the butt '' and you have the American and just everything! Supermarket they make a fabulous low fat potato broccoli soup also swapped the butter for olive for purposes! The inspiration to cook a bit to better please my palate fresh squeezed lemon juice,! At all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 5 servings PB & J and asked for a hearty vegetable packed soup that tastes amazing!!!!, stir it up and it was fabulous few items like using vegetable broth. ) blender.I think it not. The frozen broccoli as it ’ s Head beef oxtails at the beginning of the cheddar cheese and! Know they are still firm love American cheese s suggestion and not add any flour Lipstick and Heels into... To double or triple the recipe, it is weight loss-friendly as it is.. To eating this right now thank you for keeping such a wonderful soup: 8 Freestyle SmartPoints so in week. Dinner for lunch for the broccoli can omit the potatoes are put in ( old ) your! Hide those healthy vegetables from the cheese version yet still is very and. Used for any purpose other than Ramen Noodles ( no such luck.... Have because of the potato and before using immersion blender through the soup before, and they both downed!. Spray and low fat potato broccoli soup over medium heat vegetarian recipe every night so far, and it perfectly... Rutabega to lower the calories soup three times ; once with vegetable stock which was to add nutmeg and mustard! It possible to microwave it without the cheese or can i do have a sneaking suspicion could.