I took my 2010 Pilot to the RSM Honda Dealer yesterday for the exact problem (1 piston ring, cylinder misfire $4700 quote) and told the dealer about your comments, postings of similar issues and the dealer will not help. Shanon Carson This is my first and may very we’ll be my last Honda. Then a month ago I took it in for the same problem and also my warranty was up! I AM THE SECOND OWNER AND I BOUGHT IT FROM A HONDA DEALERSHIP. Thanks. 2007 Honda Pilot Technical Service Bulletins. And finally – my wife loves this car – I’m ready for a divorce – from the car, not my wife :-). There goes my time being wasted!! My husband checked and spark plugs will be $16-20 each. I’ve owned 5 Odysseys, 2 Accords, 2 Acura Integras, 1 Acura Vigor, 1 Honda RIdgeline, 1 Honda CBR, 1 Honda lawnmower. I didnt realize the class action required replacing the timing belt. Cylinder number 3. I noticed the car seemed to have lost acceleration power and I scheduled to have normal maintenance work performed – timing belt and timing belt tensioner replaced. Loyal Honda customer for over 20 years. It had only 8,800 miles on it and I only drive about 5,000 a year. My 2008 Honda Accord EXL was burning oil at 30,000 miles. This is due to newswire licensing terms. I have children, I’m paying double rent for a car that does not work. My car is in the shop for repairs and I’m carless. For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. Top Class Actions is a Proud Member of the American Bar Association, Various Trademarks held by their respective owners. SOA will reflash ECM, and if unsuccessful, may replace front cat assy under extended recall. Such crap. Torrance, CA 90509 I went about two weeks later to get a new battery and the guy at the local place (not the dealer) said that the oil was overfilled. The dealer finally agreed to fix the car, saying something is wrong with the piston rings and I dont have to pay a cent for the fix. as of summer 2013 vibration has gotten less (70-90% – does vibrate every now and then only when cold, still very small vibration is felt at idle even when warm). Is it time to move on? Have a 2007 Honda Pilot I had a random misfire and p301 to p306 I changed plugs got it to pass smog now the check engine light is back on and say random misfire stored. And then so did two more. I had a friend of mine hook up his personal scanner and found out cylinder 5 was misfiring. are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, All rights reserved. SEVEN hours after dropping off my car I get a call saying that it is ready. Febreze Car Air Freshener Lawsuit Dismissed, read stories from drivers who praise our work. I check’d the coil packs by switching, all good and also replaced all spark plugs and flushed out the fuel rail. And if the issue with the engine is a misfire then I would not have to pay nothing. Hi. Soto Class Action Settlement I love my Odyssey, but almost makes me want to go buy another manufacturer’s model. Unsubscribe any time. Just made another appointment to take it on Saturday to schedule a complete overhaul, which they said can take 2-3 days. For additional recall assistance, click the Ask Dave by Honda button. I feel they got a slap on the wrist and we pay dearly for it.
I have been a loyal Honda buyer for 25 years. ( there are even videos of this on youtube. ) Check out our Honda Pilot overview to see the most problematic years, worst problems and most recently reported complaints with the Pilot. According to the bulletin this is not covered? Your path: TSB Home >> 2007 >> 2007 Honda >> 2007 Honda Pilot The following TSB(s) may apply to your 2007 Honda Pilot. I took it to the Honda dealer and they replaced the spark plug and now they are telling me that there is a kit that has to be order and put in my car.
Thanks HONDA! Recall #2 Issued: 2015 05 28 - Camp #20150528. I was one a few months passed the 8 year cut-off for the extended warranty to have helped. I would like to know if the dealer would do any preventive maintenance on my car to avoid this problem?Or do I have to wait for codes to come up,I will ask on my next service I will check my oil more often to see if I am burning oil?…This really stinks to wait for these codes to eventually appear ,I hope I am still under that extended warranty when the appear! I can get my oil changed and within 2 weeks my car is 2 quarts low on oil easily. Now that it is out of warranty (I bout the 100k or 7 year warranty); I’m going to have to pay for those spark plugs! I have to stop and restart car. Jesse, I have a 2008 4 cylinder and have been dealing with the oil buring for over 2 years. Oil is not cheap these days. We just found out about buyers previous experiences and it makes my blood boil to think they are getting away with deceiving the public regarding this vehicle and its problems. Just had car towed with shaking and engine light flashing. 432 Likes, 4 Comments - George Mason University | GMU (@georgemasonu) on Instagram: “"As a freshman at Mason, I had difficulties being on my own for the first time. An Accord from 2008-2012 with a 4-cylinder engine will have a timing chain, whereas the V6 engine models have a timing belt. Open Settlements I have a 2007 Honda Fit that seems to misfire when idling both in park and drive. I have been having these issues for last few months. I bought the car in 2010 with 43k miles on it. It involved with the removing of the valve cover and adjusted all intake and replaced engine spark plugs… not sure if this is related to the misfire and whether or not this is eligible for the reimbursement based on the misfire (no code on the invoice, so I have to look into it with the dealership). I also have a 08 Honda Accord. Get notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the. I took it in to the Honda dealership earlier this week and they did a diagnostic. Is this real??? I took it in a later day and it turned out that there was no second diagnostic needed. I still have the extended powertrain warranty up to 100.000 miles. I have a 2012 Honda Crosstour and each time I have had it to the shop for a oil change I told the service manager that after I have come to a complete stop then go thru a intersection I have a hesitation was told by the service manager that it was due from slowing down then speeding up??? Replaced the plugs with OEM and still getting a misfire when I am above 70 mph on highway. Recalled Vehicles: 2020 Honda Passport, 2020 Honda Pilot Component: EQUIPMENT:OTHER:LABELS Recall Summary: honda (american honda motor co.) is recalling certain 2020 passport and pilot vehicles. 2 days ago while we were out of town, it happened again going down the interstate. buy used Honda Pilot 2012 CarMax never told me that I had manufacturing defects buying the 8th of December 2014.a two weeks had a 30 hour trip to mexico and passes to get the check engine, misfire I fix honda mexico but I did not like how they handled the sale mintieron.si I think you know that a car defects do not buy these cars bring several shortcomings and the loser here is the customer, buy used Honda Pilot 2012 CarMax never told me that I had manufacturing defects buying the 8th of diciembre.a two weeks had a 30 hour trip to mexico and passes to get the check engine, misfire I fix honda mexico but not I liked how I handled the sale mintieron.si I think you know that a car defects do not buy these cars bring several shortcomings and the loser here is the customer. The Honda dealership has done all my repairs and this issue has NEVER been brought to my attention. Honda’s service has been great until now. 2007 honda pilot,numerous complaints about stalling and drivable issues, took pilot to dealer with same complaints of engine light, stalling,dealer found several codes in system drove pilot home on the evening of the 24th drove to work on the 25th and that when i experienced the same problems and within several hour of that the pilot caught fire while … It was down a quart. Sign up for our free newsletter. I had a hesitation problem with my 2011 Accord, V-6, but it turned out to be a result of my driving habit of using This was your flaw with engine design not mine. I have 16 Honda pilot misfire number 1 I replaced spark plugs oem steel had that problem misfire number 1. Don’t trust local dealer service. Get answers and make your voice heard! I have a 2012 Honda Crosstour and is experiencing flashing engine light, hesitate to drive, some shaking if I drive more than 40 miles. Was never notified of any issue and out of pocket $331.53 before this third repair. Love my Hondas and won’t give them up – but dealerships are another story. I have a 2012 Honda Odyssey EXL 6 cylinder. Stays on car runs good. Learn more about the cookies we use. We should be able to be included in this lawsuit.Thank you. How do I go about contacting them? Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) New Movie Releases This Weekend: February 19th – February 21st Have not had any misfire issues or fail codes with it to date. They checked the spark plug and it was fouled. since day one vibration @ idle when cod, 95% less when warmed. Has anybody had any luck with this lawsuit? I need to know what I can do.. Can I have this reimbursed? This 2007 HONDA PILOT recall affects the AIR BAGS:FRONTAL:DRIVER SIDE INFLATOR MODULE Manufactured by Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) Description Of Defect. FYI, my problem is on cylinder #1. I thought all members of a potential class action suit were supposed to be notified and given the option to opt out. If I had been I probably wouldn’t have purchased it at the end of my lease because once you crack open the engine, it could be a can of worms for a LONG time and 2. Engine repaired as required under settlement. Really disappointed with Honda right now. My car runs so bad, shakes like crazy, doesnt accelerate, burns oil like no other, and I have to leave the AC off (even though the weather is in the high 90s right now) for my car to run decent enough to take it anywhere. Original owner of an ’09 Odyssey. I started off with one misfiring, replaced the coil, and now another is starting to misfire. Employee for 13. dealership repair to replace rings on 3 cylinders 2300. What about those of us who have 4-cylinder engines? I have a Honda Accord 2008 and my engine light began to blink and then the VSP light came on. Recall information from this VIN lookup tool is provided by the manufacturer conducting the recall. Booo! The dealer replaced 1-4 spark plugs and upgraded the software. I am returning this vehicle to Honda Motor Corp and discontinuing payment to Honda Motor Credit. ENGINE BUILDING IS NOT A SIMPLE BRAKE JOB!! For information on deleting the cookies, please consult your browser’s help function. If you have a 4-cylinder model from 2003-2007, you engine has a timing chain; if you have the V6 model from those years, it’s a timing belt. This sounds like because of the oil burning to quickly. v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Case No. Spark plugs malfunctioning. I have a 2009 Honda Accord that is a 4 cylinder. You should lookup Honda Torque converter issues. status of any class action settlement claim. I told them I needed my car and will just bring it in another day. They then agreed to clean the heads and install a new software program that is supposed to be a solution. If so, can you reply? They suggested getting a good, used motor at the cost of over $5,000 as it might cost more to figure it out and fix than the motor would cost. I promptly called the dealership, in June 2016, to schedule an appointment. Did Honda cover the cost of the repair for the cat? November 7, 2020. The code for misfire hasn’t came back up but I went through it so much prior to the repairs I know what it feels like. I replaced the spark plugs because there was a p30? This results in many bugs needing to be ironed out and as with most new things in the automotive industry, it’s the consumer who becomes the test pilot and also the one who foots the bill. To receive full compensation for your vehicle repairs, Class Members must submit a valid Claim Form with a copy of an original repair invoice or receipt plus proof of payments for repairs or replacement of parts on a Settlement Class Vehicle by April 10, 2014. They will replace the short block if you can prove that your car is burning more than a qt of oil in 1000 miles. How did you get help with coverage, same problem with a 2010 Honda Pilot and quoted 4700 to repair. I immediately called and spoke to the service manager at the dealer. Even though it’s the same engine, same oil rings, Honda is refusing to repair it properly. TERRELL MARSHALL DAUDT & WILLIE PLLC, Michael F. Ram Hopefully I can get it adequately repaired by Honda now with the backing of the warranty extention settlement. It cut out on me in rush hour in a tunnel (I live on the peninsula in Virginia and travel to the south side via tunnel) Now I am scared to death to drive this car and unfortunately I owe so much on it, it sits parked. Dealer nor Honda will provide a rental. Vehicle was hesitating to accelerate, would actually slow down when the accelerator was pressed, the emissions light was flashing the entire time. This should not be difficult to do if you know how to “burn” excessive amounts of oil. I know I’m supposed to check the oil levels at gas fill ups but I’d have to add oil at every gasoline fill up at this rate. 2014 Honda Accord with major oil consumption. Lawsuit ? Email me please at brandynchris2015@gmail.com, I just bought a 2007 Honda Accord 3.0 l and I keep getting check engine light and I put on scanner and it tells me cylinder 5 misfire I already changed coil pack and spark plugs I did not know anything about the lawsuits what am I suppose to do. That the warranty doesn’t cover. BEWARE! The dealer wouldn’t take responsibility. The contact received notification of NHTSA campaign number: 16v344000 (air bags); however, the part to do the repair was unavailable. Car has been back to dealer 5 times and this morning the check engine light is back on. Diagnose and repair a cylinder misfire before attempting to diagnose a rich condition. I am very happy about this class action and hope to hear something soon! The reason for the recall was for loss of braking, but vacuum leaks would also cause the check engine light to come on. . Document everything, bring it back to the dealer and have them check your oil every 1000 miles. How did you get Honda to cover part of the repair???? Why are they required to give me a new timing belt? My car was certified and had an extended warranty. It is only cylinders 1-4(because they are the ones that are shut down during ECO). Took it to Honda and paid $350 for diagnostics. We are DONE! Hi, I think I have the same problem.